Wasabi Menu

Menu for Wasabi Izakaya in Kelowna- japanese food

RaMeN MeNu– SouL FooD of JaPaN


Original … 8.80
Simple but sophisticated– special blended soy sauce 

Miso … 8.80
Blended with three kinds of miso and assorted fruits and vegetables

Spicy Yuzu Pepper  … 8.80
Spicy, tingling and hot flavours in the bowl

Curry   … 8.80
House special broth infused with Japanese curry flavours

Choose Toppings:

Chicken, Pork or Mixed Vegetables

Extra Topping Menu:

Extra Cha Shu (chicken or pork) …  2.50
Extra Noodle  …  1.50 (half)  3.00 (full)
Chicken Confit  …  4.50
Egg  …  1.75
Chili Oil  …  0.50

TanTan Men   … 8.80
Spicy creamy miso broth, candy ground pork. Layers of flavour– mix well before you eat!  … 8.80

Vegetarian  … 8.80
Creamy miso and soy based soup with vegetables 

Light flavoured yuzu and salt broth topped with prawn wontons

Deluxe Ramen  …  18.00
Pork chashu, Chicken chashu, prawn wonton, prawn tempura (2), spinach, egg, cabbage and green onion with extra noodles. Hungry ???

LUNCH SET –  11:30AM – 2PM

3 pcs Crispy Gyoza …  3.50
3 pcs Ebi Chilli Mayo  …  4.00
4 pcs Chicken Karaage  …  4.00
Spicy Shrimp Salad  …  3.75

Dinner Menu for Wasabi Izakaya in Kelowna- japanese food


Sunomono … 5.50
Vermicelli noodles & seasonal vegetables with soy sauce & rice vinegar dressing
Add shrimp 1.50

Gomaae … 5.50
Boiled green beans with sesame miso dressing

Edamame … sm 4.95  LG 8.00
Boiled green soy beans sprinkled with sea salt

Seaweed Salad … 5.50
Marinated seaweed with daikon radish, sweet onion, cucumber, sesame, ponzu dressing

Spicy Tuna & Avocado Tempura Salad … 9.95
Sliced albacore tuna sashimi, crispy kale, avocado tempura on a bed of greens with spicy sesame dressing

Spicy Eggplant … 5.50
Fried eggplant drizzled with special spicy sauce

Agedashi Tofu  … 6.50
Deep-fried tofu served in dashi broth, spinach, sweet and green onion

Spicy Tofu … 6.50
Fried tofu with Wasabi’s popular hot sauce, green salad

IZaKaYa DiSHeS – created for sharing

Tempura black tiger prawns with addictive chili mayo sauce & crispy wonton chips
4.95 (3 pcs)  8.80 (6 pcs)  11.00 (8 pcs)

My Calamari … 9.00
Fried wild squid, dried nori (seaweed), green onion, teriyaki sauce

Tontoro  …  7.95
Slow cooked pork cheek confit, apple and onion salad, teriyaki sauce. Fatty, yummy izakaya dish.

Okonomiyaki … 7.50
Pan fried cabbage pancake topped with nori, bonito, mayonnaise & Japanese demiglace sauce

Takoyaki  …  5.95 (6pcs)  8.75 (10pcs)
Deep fried octopus ball

Chicken Karaage
4.25 (4 pcs) 8.50 (8 pcs) 
Our famous juicy & crispy Wasabi-style yummy fried chicken (add hot sauce … 0.50)

Death by Chicken Karaage … 7.95
6pcs of super spicy & juicy chicken Karaage, sweet onion and green onion

Gyoza    6.95
Pork & cabbage in wonton wrapper (6 pcs) Pan fried with ponzu or deep fried with spicy sauce