Wasabi Ramen Menu

We are excited about our Ramen Menu at Wasabi Izakaya! One of our staff favourite menu items, Ramen (ラーメン) is a very popular noodle soup dish that is high in the running for national dish of Japan and can also be found in high-end restaurants in major cities around the world.

Over the past several months, chef Jyunya has been working on perfecting his ramen dishes and would love you to come in and experience his REAL handmade ramen at Wasabi Izakaya.


Choose Flavour:

Original … 8.80
Simple but sophisticated– special blended soy sauce

Miso … 8.80
Blended with three kinds of miso and assorted fruits and vegetables

Spicy Yuzu Pepper … 8.80
Spicy, tingling and hot flavours in the bowl

Curry … 8.80
House special broth infused with Japanese curry flavours

Choose Toppings:

Chicken, Pork or Mixed Vegeatables
Extra Cha Shu (chicken or pork) … 2.50
Extra Noodle … 1.50 (half) 3.00 (full)
Chicken Confit … 4.50
Egg … 1.75
Chili Oil … 0.50 

TanTan Men … 8.80
Spicy creamy miso broth, candy ground pork. Layers of flavour– mix well before you eat! … 8.80

Vegetarian … 8.80
Creamy miso and soy based soup with vegetables

Light flavoured yuzu and salt broth topped with prawn wontons

Deluxe Ramen … 18.00
Pork chashu, Chicken chashu, prawn wonton, prawn tempura (2), spinach, egg, cabbage and green onion with extra noodles. Hungry ???

LUNCH SET –  11:30 am to 2:00 pm

3pcs Crispy Gyoza … 3.50
3pcs Ebi Chilli Mayo … 4.00
4 pcs Chicken Karaage … 4.00
Spicy Shrimp Salad … 3.75